Apple iphone History and Development

Apple iphone is a product of Apple inc. is considered one of the biggest tech manufacturer company around the world is an American company that develops electronics, computers, gadgets and many more.

Apple iphone is a Smartphone manufactured by Apple Inc. with a bunch of smart features that make apple phone a powerful personal device.  Apple Inc is an American company headquartered in California that develops and sells electronics, computers, gadgets, and provides online services. Apple Inc is considered one of the biggest tech manufacturer company around the world alongside Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc.

Apple Inc was founded by two college dropouts Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak on April 1, 1976, with the vision of developing the computers powerful and small enough user friendly for personal and official use. After their journey of building computers and other accessories from (1976-2007). After that apple co-founder steve jobs decided to develop phones with smart features and then the first generation iPhone was announced on January 9, 2007. Since then apple regularly releases the iPhone yearly with ios updates and advanced features.

Apple iPhone History And Release Dates:

S.NModel No.Release DateLaunch PriceOperating SystemSupport Ended
1.iPhoneJune 29, 2007$499/ $599iPhone OS 1.0June 20. 2010
2.iPhone 3GJuly 11, 2008$199/$299*


iPhone OS 2.0March 3, 2011
3.iPhone 3GSJune 19, 2009$199/$299*
iPhone OS 3.0September 18, 2013
4.iPhone 4June 21, 2010$199/$299*
iOS 4.0September 17, 2014
5.iPhone 4SOctober 14, 2011$199/$299/$399*
iOS 5.0September 12, 2016
(late, single update: July 22, 2019)
6.iPhone 5September 21, 2012$199/$299/$399*
iOS 6.0September 18, 2017
(late, single update: July 22, 2019)
7.iPhone 5CSeptember 20, 2013$99/$199*
iOS 7.0September 18, 2017
8.iPhone 5SSeptember 20, 2013$199/$299/$399*
iOS 7.0September 18, 2019
(latest, exclusive update: July 15, 2020)
9.iPhone 6 / 6 PlusSeptember 19, 2014$199/$299/$399*
iOS 8.0September 18, 2019
(latest, exclusive update: July 15, 2020)
10.iPhone 6S / 6S PlusSeptember 25, 2015$199/$299/$399*
iOS 9.0.1Current
11.iPhone SE (1st)March 31, 2016$399/$499*iOS 9.3Current
12.iPhone 7 / 7 PlusSeptember 16, 2016$199/$299/$399*
iOS 10.0.1Current
11.iPhone 8 / 8 Plus


September 22, 2017$699/$849
iOS 11.0Current
12.iPhone XNovember 3, 2017$549/$699*
iOS 11.0.1Current
13.iPhone XS / XS MaxSeptember 21, 2018$999/$1149/$1349
iOS 12.0Current
14.iPhone XROctober 26, 2018$749/$799/$899iOS 12.0Current
15.iPhone 11September 20, 2019$699/$749/$849iOS 13.0Current
16.iPhone 11 Pro / 11 Pro MaxSeptember 20, 2019$999/$1149/$1349
iOS 13.0


17.iPhone SE (2nd)April 24, 2020$399/$449/$549iOS 13.4Current

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