Authority directive to ban websites and apps including cryptocurrency, online gambling

The Nepal Telecommunication Authority has instructed to make arrangements so that illegal activities such as cryptocurrency, bitcoin, hyper networking, online gambling, etc. cannot be used, operated and managed in Nepal.

By issuing instructions to internet service providers, the Authority shall not use, operate and manage websites, apps, online networks and other virtual media related to illegal activities and financial crimes including cryptocurrency, bitcoin, hyper networking, online gambling and access to such website or app online network within Nepal. It has been instructed to make arrangements that cannot be reached.

According to the notification of the authority, ‘In Nepal, transactions using digital technology including virtual currency and network marketing, which are not legally recognized as a monetary instrument, are increasing in recent days. Instructions have been issued by the Nepal Telecommunication Authority to all internet (including e-mail) service providers to prevent the use, operation and management of related websites, apps, online networks and other virtual media within Nepal, and to prevent access to such websites, apps or online networks. .

In addition, the Telecommunication Authority has informed that if the instructions are not followed, action will be taken according to the law.

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