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Do you have to wait for the movie to meet Aanchal?

Do you have to wait for the movie to meet Aanchal?

As soon as the lockdown is over, the actors have started returning to film work. Actresses like Suhana Thapa, Jasita Gurung, Empress Rajyalakshmi Shah, Varsha Siwakoti and others have completed the shooting of the film.

Swasti Khadka, Pooja Sharma and other heroines are preparing to shoot a new movie. Actress Keki Adhikari has already started work on ‘Witch’s House’. However, some heroines do not have a new movie in their hands.

Actress Aanchal Sharma acted in the movie ‘Jhinge Dau’ last year. After the filming of this movie, Aanchal got married. Immediately after the wedding, the work of the film became deserted for about 10 months. However, after the lockdown, the actors were signing the film.

Actress Sharma, on the other hand, has not been offered a new film. Instead, director Milan Chams began talking about making a new film that he would produce himself. Aanchal is rumored to be working on ‘Gorkha Warrior 2’, which is being made by Milan. However, this has not been confirmed.

Therefore, it seems that Aanchal will have to wait for the collaboration with Milan for the new film. Aanchal has a huge craze in music videos. However, his presence in the film market has not been very pleasant.

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