Image Compressor

This is a Free Online Tool to Compress JPEG Images to lowers file sizes.

60% Compression

What is an image compressor?

  1. When you take a picture with your phone,
  2. the phone compresses the picture before saving it to your phone.
  3. This makes the picture smaller and reduces the amount of data that is saved.
  4. This is why when you take a picture on your phone and open it in a photo editor,
  5. the picture may look different than when you took it.

How to compress JPG / JPEG Format?

  1. Upload any JPG / JPEG Format image you want to compress in lower size
  2. Click on choose file that you want to compress and drag the percentage of image to be compressed
  3. Then click on the compress button
  4. the site will be showing you the original image file and the compressed image file
  5. then click on download file