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Malika’s salary in music video is over one lakh

Malika’s salary in music video is over one lakh

Malika Mahat is the heroine who started her film journey from ‘Yatra’. When the film failed at the box office, Malika did not benefit much. Her acting was praised. After this, Malika acted in the movie ‘Pani Photo’. This movie is in post production.

After the lockdown, Malika’s song ‘Fulbutte Sari’ became popular. This song not only got the love of the audience in a short time, but also the audience liked Malika very much. After this, another song ‘Tadha Bhaepani’ starring him was released. The song became the fastest 10 million views on YouTube. After this, the demand for Malika in music videos has increased tremendously.

Malika has also increased the remuneration for acting in the video as her demand has skyrocketed. She has received a salary of Rs 120,000 for the recently released song ‘Var Aun Maya’.

Protagonist Pal Shah is one of the most expensive models in the music video. Malika, too, now understands her salary. Kendra Motion Pictures is also preparing to make a new film about Malika and Paul.

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