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Microsoft Windows 11 21H2 Development Edition Review. What’s New?

Microsoft Windows 11 21H2 Development Edition Review. What's New?

Picture Credit: Microsoft

The official version of Windows 11 is a newly built windows system that uses brand-new technology and a brand-new interface to make the system have a better performance, and can have a consistent and excellent performance on all terminals, which is convenient for everyone’s normal use and is cross-platform. Operation is no longer a problem, it will definitely give you a brand new feeling of use, come download it.

Highlights of the official Windows 11 version:

1. Beautiful

 Created with a brand-new interface, it brings you a more beautiful interface.

 2. Powerful

 The more powerful software and hardware can bring more powerful performance to everyone’s computer.

 3. Compatible

 It can be compatible with various terminal devices, and the computer collection tablet will get a consistent experience.

 4. Fast

 The system is fast in all aspects, with excellent running speed and response speed.

Windows 11 official version features in detailed description:

1. So far, the goal is not only to create a video special effects unit, but also to include all current input methods.

 2. In other words, these latest applications are arranged in chronological order on special pages, such as the common “task panel” on mobile phones.

 3. The biggest advantage of this application is that it can read the minds of users and quickly search for the content they want to search. Behind the scenes is Microsoft’s AI system, which can intelligentize photos, videos, music, etc.

You Can Have A Look At Windows 11 Trailer


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