Victory over defeat teaches people the art of living

When a person goes to a competition, the positive side inside him is guiding him. Psychologically, the positive side instructs him that I should win and do well. Due to which ‘ego defense’ is created in him.

It is natural to feel that you have to win anyway. But, no matter how you choose the wrong path to win, egoism also affects the person himself.

If things don’t work out that way, it can lead to unbalanced physical and mental well-being. This kind of feeling also creates mental stress.

Prolonged stress can lead to high blood pressure, anxiety and depression. According to a study conducted by management consultancy firm RHR International on the chief executives of 83 large companies, each executive suffered from anxiety due to competition and overwork.

It is human nature to want to win anything. In this nature, there are many aspects that make a person good.

If you are taking exams then exams are a kind of stress for you. This is positive stress. For this, you should read carefully with positive stress, which will bring good results. If there is no such stress, the goal may be hindered.

In the process of winning, some people do not stop doing whatever they want. This is very much in line with politics. There is already a saying (Sam, Dam, Danda, Bheda) that the mindset that one must attain that position anyway. This mentality seems to be more prevalent in politics. “Losing is much better than the false experience of success,” says Ashley Merriman, author of Top Dog: The Science of Winning and Losing.

Victory is guaranteed if you move forward with your thoughts, attitudes and positive thinking to win. Therefore, it is advisable to take the goal of winning with good thinking.

After winning, most people do not have a sense of pride. But from a political point of view, power and authority make people arrogant. Only those who have won through unnecessary pressure and money will have this nature. The arrogance is not seen in the person who has won the month and the arrogance may not be seen even in ordinary people.

Again, it is a good idea to try to win. A person who does not want to win once he has won cannot move forward.

Defeat and victory in human life is a thing that continues to happen. Our Eastern belief that one should not be overwhelmed by victory and one should not be overwhelmed by defeat is very practical from a psychological point of view.

If a person competes in a healthy way, defeat will not make any difference to him. Defeat is learning. People can learn a lot from defeat. When we fail, we learn the lessons of life. So it is important to take defeat easily.

Losing practice teaches people how to keep themselves psychologically balanced. The habit of patience also develops in a person. The habit of trying again and again develops. Such a person is becoming able to face different situations and circumstances. So losing is a lesson in life.

Failure is the key to success

The ultimate happiness comes from any success, when we try again and again to win. That is, we have failed many times. Failure is a stepping stone to victory.

The more failures we face, the greater the importance of success. Not only that, it develops the ability to cope with every situation.

Ambition to win

Winning is not a bad thing. But, sometimes, we get so caught up in the race to win that we forget to live our lives. We forget our life, friends, family, relatives.

When we forget the rhythm of our lives and keep on trying to win, it ultimately hurts us. In some cases, the results are not as expected. There is a small obstacle. It makes us tense and restless.

Stress is also important

“Life can be stressful in the absence of stress,” says Dr. Mander, a Canadian psychologist. So there should be a little bit of tension. ‘

When the times are unfavorable, there is no employment due to efficiency, there is a lot of work pressure even after employment, there is no success even after working or there is loss in business. Stress is natural at such times. Such stress forces us to think and to adapt to the situation. So it is important to lose.

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